Latest update: 1/5/2021

Most of the measures described below were already effective before the present crisis.
In addition, we have successfully finished the training in the “Clean & Safe” Certification of Tourism of Portugal.

We also would like you to know that Quinta do Pé Descalço counts with large outdoors areas for our guests, and have only 6 rooms with a capacity of maximum 14 people to keep the safety and privacy for our those who choose us for their stay in Sintra.

  • Indoor common spaces will remain closed with the exception of the spaces dedicated to breakfast whose hours of use are between 8 am and 10 am every day. These should be used as brief as possible.
  • Carpets will be removed from the common areas (in case there is more than one group hosted at the Quinta) as well as most decorative objects.
  • The use of a mask is mandatory inside the main house.


  • The use of a mask and gloves is mandatory during the cleaning of the house.
  • During any interaction with clients within the property, including check-in and check-out, the use of a mask by both parties will be mandatory.
  • No partner will be accepted in the Quinta if any symptom of illness is shown.

Cleaning and hygiene of interior spaces

  • Rooms and bathrooms will be cleaned with detergents, with bleach base, and disinfected with solutions with alcohol content of at least 70%. Special attention will be paid to frequent contact elements such as switches, door knobs, etc.
  • Bed and bath linen will be removed with special care, so as not to raise particles, and disinfected afterwards. Likewise, all clothes will be systematically disinfected and washed at a high temperature by a professional laundry service.
  • Common access and spaces will be disinfected several times a day, especially frequently used elements such as switches, door knobs and handrails.
    There will be no daily cleaning of the rooms in order to minimize the risk of exposure.
  • Change of bed and bath linen will be made upon request of the guests whenever they need it.

Food service

  • Disinfection of hands upon arrival in the dining room is mandatory, as well as the use of a mask until being sat at the table.
  • There will be no breakfast buffet, but each guest will be offered a dish prepared previously by the service staff in the kitchen, taking all the necessary safety and hygiene measures, such as the use of a mask or hand disinfection.
  • Time in the dining room should be reduced to the maximum and limited to the time needed for breakfast, for a more efficient rotation and thus to minimize contact between guests.
  • The dining room capacity is reduced to 50% and the minimum safety distance of 3m must be respected.
  • Dishes will be machine washed at high temperature.
  • The use of the dining room is not allowed outside the meals organized by the Quinta.

Outdoor common spaces

  • Outdoor common spaces can be used without the use of a mask. A minimum safety distance of 2m must be respected among guests who do not belong to the same group.
  • The chlorine level in the pool is standard. Weekly a quality control of the water is carried out.
  • Inside the pool, a minimum safety distance of 3m must be respected between guests who do not belong to the same group.
  • Likewise, between hammocks, a minimum safety distance of 3m must be respected between guests who do not belong to the same group.

In case of symptoms

  • In the event of symptoms, the guest must notify immediately the owners of the Quinta immediately and do quarantine in the room together with his/her companion, if any. The situation will be reported to the DGS (National Health Centre), which will take the necessary measures.
  • If the stay comes to an end, the Quinta will have reserved a space provided for the guest and his/her companion so that they can stay there until the situation is solved.
  • The guest will have the necessary support from the Quinta until the time of departure.
  • In case the client contracts the disease within 2 weeks after the end of his stay at the Quinta, he must inform it immediately, and vice versa.